Campus Closing and Delay Information

Campus Closing and Delay Information

In the event of snow, severe storms, or other emergencies, information about the status of the campus can be obtained in several ways:

  • Radio (KDKA-1020 AM); 
  • Television (KDKA-TV; WTAE-TV; WPXI-TV) or the Internet (KDKAWTAEWPXI); 
  • The front page of the Penn State Greater Allegheny web site; 
  • PSUAlert, which provides updates via text message and/or email. To receive PSUAlert messages for Greater Allegheny, go to  and follow the instructions to subscribe.

Cancellation of day classes does not automatically mean cancellation of evening classes or vice versa.

  • Common Questions and Answers 
    Q. Why doesn’t the campus delay classes on the mornings local school districts announce delays? 
    A. Local school districts typically start classes for all students around 7:30 a.m. We have just a few classes at 8:00 during the winter semester. Also, K – 12 students must wait along the area roads in the bad weather to catch their buses. Area schools also have the ability to make up lost days. We are an institution of higher education, whose curriculum is supported by direct tuition; hence, cancelling classes eliminates the class time for which you have paid. We also have students living on campus who walk to class. 
    B. In the event that, during final exams week, weather causes the closing of the campus or the postponement of a scheduled final exam, make up exams will be given on Friday of final exams week. Students should plan accordingly. Rescheduled final exams will be posted as soon as possible on the PSUGA web site. 

    Q. If the campus is open, am I required to come to class? 
    A. It is your decision on whether or not you are comfortable driving on the roads to campus. If you do not make it to class, it is important for you to contact your professor as soon as possible to let him or her know why you were not in attendance. Ultimately, it is up to each professor to determine how he or she will handle these types of absences, but I believe they will be reasonable and understanding. 

    Q. Why isn’t the campus closed on some days when the news is reporting hazardous road conditions? 
    A. We view and listen to the expected weather, but we depend on first hand reports of road conditions received through our campus maintenance and police persons to determine whether or not they are passable. 

    Q. If the start of classes is delayed, how do I know which class to attend? 
    A. We follow the existing schedule no matter what time we start. For instance, if the start of classes is delayed until 10:00 a.m., you would attend your scheduled 10:00 a.m. class at the regular time and follow your schedule through the rest of the day. Thus: On days when a delayed opening is appropriate, a two- or four-hour late opening will be announced through the normal emergency announcement procedures. 
    1. If there is a two-hour delay on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday schedule, classes will start with the class scheduled to begin at 10:00 A.M. We will keep the normal class times for the remainder of the day. 
    2. If there is a two-hour delay on a Tuesday or Thursday schedule, we will start at 10:00 A. M., one-third of the way through any classes that begin at 9:25. We will keep the normal class times for the remainder of the day. 
    3 . Similarly, if there is a four-hour delay, MWF classes would start at 12 noon and continue on a normal class schedule for the rest of the day. 
    4 . If there is a four-hour delay, a Tuesday, Thursday schedule would resume at common period (12 noon) with the next classes occurring at 1:35 pm. 

    Q. Are day and evening classes treated differently? 
    A. They are, with decisions made on day classes by 6:30 a.m. and for evening classes (starting times of 6:00 p.m. or later) by 4:00 p.m. It is possible to have any portion of the schedule cancelled. 

    Q. If my class if cancelled, will it be made up? 
    A. Some instructors may attempt to set a make up session when students are available, or use other means to make up the work. The form of make-up will depend on the nature of the class. 

    Q. Why aren’t the sidewalks always clear? 
    A. If the snow is occurring during the day it is sometimes impossible to keep up with clearing the sidewalks. The maintenance crew will continue to make multiple passes to keep them as clear as possible. At times, the temperatures are low enough that salt will not melt the snow and ice so it is important that everyone is careful when walking across the campus. As temperatures warm and/or the sun comes out, the salt is able to melt the snow and ice.  
    All campus members are reminded to be very careful when walking about the campus during inclement weather situations.