Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Scott Biddle
Adjunct Instructor in Business Administration
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Victoria Blosser
Softball Head Coach, Athletics
Wunderley Gym
Gregory Bondar
Adjunct Instructor in Anthropology
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Louis Borrelli
Adjunt Instructor in Mathematics
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Melanie Brletic
Administrative Assistant , Business Services
Frable Building 101H, 412-675-9030
Jessica Brooks
Adjunct Instructor in Management
Frable Building 101A, 412-675-9140
Siobhan Brooks
Coordinator, Learning Center/Disabilities Services Coordinator,Academic Support Center/Learning Center Coordinator, Academic Affairs
J. Clarence Kelly Library, Lower Level, 412 675 9454
Adam Broome
Housing & Food Services
Student Community Center, 412-675-9100
Lyndsay Brown
Adjunct Instructor in Art
Ostermayer Building 309, 412-675-9140
Shelly Brown
Academic Counselor, ACE
Frable Building 301, 412 675 9457
Trella Brown
Janitorial Worker, Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance Building, 412 675 9120
Kristen Buonomo
Adjunct Instructor in Education
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
George Burcin
Adjunct Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology
Frable Building 217, 412-675-9140
James Cauler
Food Service Worker , Housing & Food Services
Student Community Center, 412-675-9100
Victoria Cauler
Housing & Food Services
Student Community Center, 412-675-9100
Bernie Cerasaro
Instructor in Business
Frable Building 210D, 412-675-9165
Matthew Cerasuolo
Public Safety Officer, Police Services
Frable Building 108, 412-675-9130
Krishnamoorthy Chandrasekhar
Adjunct Instructor in Physics
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Douglas M. Charles, PhD
Associate Professor of History
Letters, Arts, and Sciences Co-Coordinator
Sports Administration Certificate Coordinator
Main Building 109D, 412-675-9167
Zhibo Chen, PhD
Professor of Mathematics
Frable Building 204C, 412-675-9475