Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
John Daykon
Part-Time Lecturer in Statistics
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Kevin L. Debow
Part-Time Lecturer in Human Development & Family Studies
Frable Building 101A, 412-675-9140
Kimberly Dehainaut
Part-Time Lecturer in English
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Lawrence Dupak
Part-Time Lecturer in IST
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Jacqueline Edmondson
Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer
Frable 117, 412-675-9080
Zack Furness, PhD
Associate Professor of Communications, Communications
Communications Program Coordinator
Main Building 106B, 412-675-9153
Donald Garwood
Part-Time Lecturer in Biology
Frable Building 101A, 412-675-9140
Deborah Gaydos, MA
Lecturer in Mathematics
Frable Building 204B, 412-675-9156
Melissa Glasser
Part-Time Lecturer in Psychology
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Michelle Gordon, DSc
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Business
Project & Supply Chain Management Program Coordinator, Project and Supply Chain Management
Frable Building 210B, 412-675-9496
Galen A. Grimes, M. S.
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology
Information Sciences and Technology Department Coordinator
Frable Building 213E, 412-675-9479
Amy Guthrie
Part-Time Lecturer in French
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Lori Hepner, MFA
Associate Professor of Integrative Arts
Ostermayer Building 306, 412-675-9038
MaryEllen (Ellie) Higgins, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Main Building 203, 412-675-9461
Carol Howard
Part-Time Lecturer in Business
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
James A. Jaap, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor of English
Penn State University Senator Vice Chair, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee
Co-Director, 2017 Willa Cather International Seminar
Main 109B, 412-675-9174
Susan Jennings
Part-Time Lecturer in Nutrition
Frable Building 101A, 412-675-9140
Alandra Kahl, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor of Environmental Engineering
Frable Building 213D, 412-675-9224
Andrew Kassick
Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140
Garrett Kellar
Part-Time Lecturer in Kinesiology
Frable Building 203, 412-675-9140