College representatives and advising specialists

College representatives and advising specialists

When do I need an advising specialist?

Although we encourage you to work with your assigned academic adviser, there are times when you may need to speak to an adviser who specializes in a different academic program than the one in which you are currently enrolled.  College Representatives and other advising specialists are knowledgeable about programs offered at this campus and other locations throughout the University.

Advising specialist list

Please contact the representatives listed below if you would like to learn more about any of these programs.


College Representative and Advising Specialist Contact Information





Administration of Justice Katherine McLean 412-675-9158
Agriculture Amelia Mitchell 412-675-9176
Arts and Architecture Lori Hepner 412-675-9038
Biobehavioral Health John Peles 412-675-9484
Business (Smeal College) Michelle Hough 412-675-9496 
Business (all majors except Smeal College) Bernie Cerasaro 412-675-9165
Communications (all majors) Zack Furness   412-675-9153 
Division of Undergraduate Studies  April Belback   412-675-9452 
Earth and Mineral Sciences Alandra Kahl 412-675-9224
Education  Jacqueline Edmondson 412-675-9080
Engineering (Eric Lipsky on sabbatical) Alandra Kahl 412-675-9224
English  MaryEllen Higgins   412-675-9461
Health & Human Development (Beth Lindsey on sabbatical) Kristal Tucker 412-675-9033
Honors & Scholars Program MaryEllen Higgins 412-675-9461
Information Sciences & Technology Galen A. Grimes 412-675-9479
Letters, Arts, and Sciences Douglas Charles 412-675-9167
Liberal Arts (except AOJ, English, Psychology, and LAS) Mary Preuss 412-675-9466
Nursing Interest Amelia Mitchell 412-675-9176
Project & Supply Chain Management Michelle Hough 412-675-9496
Psychology Elizabeth Mazur 412-675-9186
Science John Peles 412-675-9484