International Student Admissions

International Student Admissions

Penn State University, Greater Allegheny - an International campus

The Greater Allegheny Campus of the Pennsylvania State University welcomes new international students from around the world.  We have welcomed students from Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, India, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, and Trinidad.

Penn State Greater Allegheny is conveniently located 15 miles from the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We offer the first two years of most of Penn State University's more than 160 majors, as well as NEEDS UPDATED baccalaureate (four-year) degrees that can be completed at the campus.

Admissions information for international students Contact us

Outside the United States: (your country's international direct dialing code)-1-412-675-9010