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Student raising hand while professor draws on large screen televisione

Alandra Kahl publishes second book, 'Management of Environmental Impacts'

Alandra Kahl, assistant teaching professor of engineering in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Penn State Greater Allegheny, recently published a new book titled “Management of Environmental Impacts.” In the book Kahl dives into environmental concerns and addresses ways in which society can safely preserve the environment, focusing on the future, climate change and global innovation.
Student smiles as campus favorite barista prepares coffee

Angie and Shirley café

Penn State Greater Allegheny student, Angie Mayhue, smiles while campus favorite barista, Shirley Evans prepares her latté.  Mayhue was one of the students that honored Evans by making a donation to Equality Now in her name.  

Three students in front of a computer researching for the Pittsburgh Literature Project in an office.

Students help develop the Pittsburgh Literature Project with James Jaap

The Pittsburgh Literature Project is a new undertaking by James Jaap, associate teaching professor at Penn State Greater Allegheny. The project is set to incorporate students in English 496, where they will research authors, novelists and artists from the greater Pittsburgh region and bring recognition to their literary works.
April Belback head shot

April Belback

April Belback

Kristen Sciulli head shot

Kristin Sciulli

Kristen Sciulli


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