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Career Services

Career Services

The Center for Career Excellence and Community Outreach exists to assist and advise students as they transition through their college experience into career placement.  Our eight-semester action plan begins on day one at PSUGA.  Students here have a unique opportunity to faculty, staff, and employers who are interested in their success.  We accomplish this through a three prong process: 

#WeAre SHADOWING:  The opportunities for undergraduate students to get a taste of the real world is possible through a shadowing experience.  By connecting with a LION LINK mentor, GA students can spend a few hours or a few weeks learning more about particular career fields and places of employment. 

#WeAre INTERNING:  Today, internships are KEY to gaining employment after graduation.  Successful GA grads have interned in a variety of Fortune 500s, non-profit and educational settings including:  US Steel, The FBI, and the US Naval Academy.   

#WeAre WORKING:  With over 800,000 Nittany Lions worldwide (and the largest single population of alum here in Allegheny County), you can find a PSU grad working most anywhere.  On average, GA grads are employed within their field of study within the first six months after graduation. 

Need more information about Career Services?  Check out our Career Guide