Create Your Gameplan

Create Your Gameplan



Create your personal game plan to put your "best self" forward at an interview. 
Print this checklist to be sure you are on track before your next interview. 



  • I have a properly fitted suit or professional outfit to wear to my interview.  It has been cleaned and pressed.
  • I have a professional-looking portfolio in which to carry resumes, references and a tablet/pen.
  • I have researched the employer and industry to increase my knowledge of the company/profession.
  • I have examined my skills, experiences, and goals; I can provide specific examples.
  • I can articulate my interest in and fit for this position to the employer.
  • I have created at least five or six questions to ask the interviewer; I know which questions are unacceptable.
  • I have secured three professional references.
  • I have provided my application materials, along with job posting, to those individuals serving as references.
  • I have copies of my resume and references printed on resume-quality paper. (one copy for each interviewer)
  • I have visited Career Services and completed a mock (practice) interview.
  • I have confirmed the date, time, and location of my interview, and secured directions (if necessary).

Additional Tips

  • Allow yourself extra travel time in case of a traffic accident, road construction, or other unexpected event.
  • Arrive at your interview 10-15 minutes early.  If you arrive on-site earlier than that, wait in your car or the lobby before entering the office.
  • Females - consider bringing an extra pair of hosiery (in case of a snag or run).
  • Consider bringing a lint roller or static guard; or breath mints - for use prior to the interview.
  • Be pleasant and considerate to everyone you meet - even in the parking lot.  Refrain from playing your car stereo loudly on the premises.