What to Wear

What to Wear

Although business attire may vary by industry or company, you typically cannot go wrong with a professional business suit. Here are the guidelines.


  • Suit - dark blue, grey, black, or brown
  • Dress shirt (long-sleeved) - white or coordinating light color
  • Tie (conservative in color/pattern)
  • Dress socks  - dark color
  • Dress shoes  - black or brown (polished)
  • Jewelery - limit to one ring and watch


  • Suit - dark blue, grey, black or brown (skirt or slacks)
  • Skirt - knee length; Slacks - not tight
  • Blouse with collar - white or coordinating light color
  • Hosiery (a must!) - natural color
  • Dress shoes - black, brown, dark blue, grey (polished); closed toe, low to moderate heel
  • Jewelery - limit to one set of earrings, watch, two rings, small necklace


  • Have your suit fitted properly
  • Refrain from wearing too much jewelery or anything distracting
  • Refrain from wearing strong cologne, perfume or other strong scents
  • Use good hygiene including well-groomed nails and hair