English minor

Develop skills in writing and critical thinking that will prove valuable for any career path.

Why pursue a minor in English?

Strong writing and critical thinking skills are invaluable assets in any career field. Courses in creative, fiction, nonfiction, business, and scientific and technical writing allow students to tailor this minor to develop skills specific to their own area of interest. Students may also choose from a wide variety of literature courses that will allow them to develop a greater understanding of culture and history along with different writing styles and techniques.

Requirements for the English Minor (ENGCC): 18 credits

  • Select 6 credits from ENGL 200-289
  • Select 6 credits from ENGL 400-493
  • Select 6 additional credits in English

*English 15, 15H, 30, and English 202 (A, B, C, or D) do not count toward the English minor.

More information on the English minor (ENGCC), requirements and courses may also be found in the University Bulletin.