Information Sciences and Technology (B.S.)

Information Sciences and Technology (B.S.)

Penn State students in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) love solving problems and working with people. People are connected by technology, whether it is by texting, searching for information, ordering pizza online, or using your computer or smartphone to connect with friends across the globe.

IST will show you how far you can go as a problem solver, someone who can make technology work for all of us. That's IST at Penn State.

What is IST?

IST is the 'You" in YouTube, the "smart" in smartphone. It's the music you can purchase, download, and play on your computer, tablet, or phone. It's the calls you get from your BFFs. It can make you twitter,It can be your friend. It's video gaming, medical information, business management, and government security. It's people coming together with the technology we use every day. That's IST.

That's IST

Why do you like what you like?

What makes some video games awesome and some just so-so? Information sciences and technology means figuring out how people use technology, at work or just for fun?

What does business need and what do customers need?

How do business owners find ways to cut expenses without losing employees or lowering the quality of a product? IST means taking information and analyzing it to find solutions.

Do you feel safe when you are online?

We keep hearing about people hacking into databases. IST means creating and managing information systems to help industry and government agencies stop hackers, identity thieves, and other cyber criminals.

What are the most efficient ways for corporations to keep track of things?

Corporations are huge. Imagine all the information processed by all the employees in global corporations every day. IST means keeping information from lots of places organized so that corporations can keep moving forward.

How can healthcare systems keep running smoothly?

It takes time and information for a cure to be discovered. IST means helping doctors and researchers use technology to manage information about diseases as well as helping hospitals and health insurance agencies keep track of patient information.

IST at Penn State

IST courses center on teamwork and projects about real-life situations and issues. You'll make friends with your fellow students as you work through your courses together. Professors have experience with business, industry and government along with working on academic research. And when it is time to graduate you'll be in demand. That's IST.

Interested in applying as a first-year or transfer student?

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