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Letters, Arts and Sciences (B.A.)

Letters, Arts and Sciences (B.A.)

A liberal arts degree combines a classic liberal arts education with today's need for flexibility and practical skills.

Letters, Arts, and Sciences students work with faculty to design a program of study focusing on research proficiency, critical thinking, application of theory, and communication skills.

Letters, Arts, and Sciences graduates are working in management, finance, law, communications, marketing or pursuing graduate degrees.

Whether you have earned an associate degree, have completed some college credits, or are looking to enter college for the first time, Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LASCC) may provide you the opportunity to design a program that touches upon several fields of study.  One graduate used the LASCC degree to combine course work in English and science to prepare for a profession as a science writer. 

You will work with our Letters, Arts, and Sciences program coordinators to explore your interests and design a proposal to earn your degree.  Your proposal will investigate a theme from the perspective of three subject areas, as long as it does not duplicate an existing major.  You may earn your degree through a combination of day and evening classes, web-based classes, or independent study with a member of our faculty.

You can also incorporate into your proposal and theme one of our credit certificates. If you are interested in combining history with other disciplines, or in sports administration, please talk with Professor Charles (dmc166@psu.edu); If you are interested in Africana studies or creative writing please see Professor Mickle (mrm33@psu.edu).

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