Athletic field

Sports Administration certificate

Sports Administration certificate

You're a scholar with athletic interests and always wanted to combine the two.

Now you can at Penn State Greater Allegheny, with the 15-credit interdisciplinary certificate.

Anchored on internship opportunities in the field, the Sports Administration certificate is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to different and various aspects of a sports administration career.

Students who complete this 15-credit certificate will enhance their career opportunities, degree programs, portfolios, and broaden their academic credentials to include working in the fields of sports management, business/retail, media, sporting teams, and recreational programs.

As a flexible program, there are several ways to pursue the certificate. A student may incorporate the certificate as part of the Individualized Business option in the Business major or include it as a field of study for the Letters, Arts, and Sciences degree. Students can also use some of the courses in the certificate to satisfy requirements in the Communications or Psychology degrees. Regardless of major, a student may earn the Sports Administration certificate by taking the required courses.

The requirements, detailed on this page, include 3 credits of internship with a sports administration-related organization; 6 credits from two different discipline areas of 100- and/or 200-level courses; and 6 credits from two different discipline areas of 300- and/or 400-level courses.

Possible Internships

  •  Students interested in collegiate sports could work here with the campus Athletic Director or Athletic Training Office.
  • Those interested in sports marketing, advertising or public relations could apply for positions with local sports organizations.
  • Sports journalism or broadcasting could be pursued with one of our local news organizations.

The official course requirements for this certification can be viewed in the online Undergraduate Bulletin under the program requirements