Penn State will refund the credit balance which is the result of Federal financial aid in a student's account within TWO weeks of either the date the aid was credited to the student's account or the first day of the semester, whichever is later. eRefund is a fast and convenient way to receive your student refund.

After an eRefund has been generated by Penn State to your financial institution, the process may take up to 3-5 business days before it will appear as a credit in your account. Please refer to your financial institution's policy concerning the availability of these funds.

Refund by Mail

Students may also choose to have their refund mailed to a permanent or local address. Refunds that are delivered by mail will be delayed. For students who do not indicate a refund preference, refunds will be mailed to the permanent address at a later time.

It is the student's responsibility to keep his/her local and permanent addresses up-to-date in LionPATH.

LionPATH Tutorial - Enrolling in eRefund (video)