Pennsylvania State Grant Program: Prepare
A Pennsylvania State Grant is based on financial need. Before you complete the form, learn what you will need to apply, and what the eligibility criteria are.

  • Eligibility Requirements
    Are a high school graduate as stipulated in the Pennsylvania State Grant law
  • Attend a postsecondary school approved by PHEAA for Pennsylvania State Grant purposes
  • Are enrolled at least half-time (defined as at least six semester credits but less than 12 semester credits per semester, or the equivalent)
  • Be unconditionally admitted and enrolled in an approved program of study of at least 2 academic years in length
  • Are enrolled in a program of study where at least 50% of the total credit or clock hours needed for completion of the program are earned through classroom instruction:
    • The program itself must be structured to allow you to complete at least 50% of your credits or clock hours in the classroom.
    • Your enrollment pattern by term must also consist of at least 50% classroom instruction (unless you have a medical disability (PDF)).
  • Have made satisfactory academic progress (as defined by PHEAA)
  • Not have already earned a bachelor's degree or its equivalent
  • Are a Pennsylvania resident, as stipulated in the Pennsylvania State Grant law
  • Are of satisfactory character (for example, not be incarcerated)
  • Not have received the maximum number of Pennsylvania State Grants permitted
  • Not be in default or pending default on an educational loan. This also applies to any program where the award has been converted to a loan and the loan is in a default status.
  • File and complete the application process by the appropriate deadlines

Pennsylvania State Grant Program: Apply/Renew
To apply for a State Grant when you complete the FAFSA
Complete the Pennsylvania State Grant Form online directly from your FAFSA confirmation page. Look for the link that reads "Optional Feature—Start your state application—Click here if you want to apply for Pennsylvania state-based financial aid."

To apply for a State Grant after you've completed the FAFSA
If you've already submitted your FAFSA online and missed the direct link, you may need to wait until you receive an email directing you to the American Education Services (AES) website to complete the State Grant Form.

Most renewal students are not required to complete the State Grant Form.

How to Make Corrections to Your State Grant Record
After you apply, sign in to Account Access to check the status of your application, make changes, and manage your account information at any time.

Check My State Grant Status

Students Registered For More Than 50% Online Courses
The Office of Student Aid (OSA) at University Park manages state regulations pertaining to web and hybrid course delivery and student eligibility to receive the PA State Grant to meet the University’s compliance to these regulations. This eligibility is evaluated per student based on registered courses.  Courses that are determined to be web-based courses, or any variation including hybrid courses, are not considered grant eligible courses. Per the state grant regulations, Penn State is required to count a hybrid course as a "web" course if the course is more than 50% on line or at a distance.

PA residents who are enrolled in a program that is structured more than 50 percent online, or are taking more than 50 percent of their semester credits online will be nominated by the University for a PA State Grant through the Distance Education Pilot Program. Nominations for the PA State Grant Distance Education Pilot Program (SGDEPP) occur on a weekly basis.

Funding for this program is limited so every nominee may not receive funding. Nominees will be notified by e-mail or letter and directed to view their PA State Grant status through their PHEAA Access Account.

Make sure your PHEAA grant record shows Penn State as your school
Did you submit all requested information
An “Estimated” Grant is not an actual award. If “Estimate” shows on your LionPATH Award Summary, contact PHEAA immediately at 800-692-7392

Pennsylvania State Grant Program FAQ