Health Care Leadership

The Health Care Leadership certificate program is designed to meet the immediate educational needs of those currently working full or part-time in a health-care management. It is particularly relevant to those trained in professional or technical health-care fields who have been promoted, or seek promotion, into a health-care managerial or supervisory position.  Also, it provides a starting point for those who are considering a managerial career in the health-care field, but don't want to commit to an associate or baccalaureate program.

To earn an undergraduate certificate in Health Care Leadership, a minimum of 23 credits is required.

Requirements for the HC LDR certificate

ACCTG 211 

BLAW 243 OR BA 243 OR BA 241 and BA 242 

ECON 102 or 

ECON 104 

MGMT 100 or  

MGMT 301 

H P A 101 

H P A 332