Discover The Leader In You!

Student Spotlights

   Taylor Coccia - Lion Ambassador 

   Hometown: Greenock, PA 
   High School: Elizabeth Forward High School
   Degree: Marketing
   Post Graduation goal: Work at a Marketing Firm alongside professional
   athletes, and get a puppy.

   "My leadership moment was when Coach Tyler (Care) told me I was
   captain of the golf team, and that I was able to help interview
   prospective coaches."



   Michael Lucchetti - Public Relations Intern 

   Hometown: North Huntingdon, PA 
   High School: PA Charter School/Norwin High School
   Degree: English
   Post Graduation goal: Be a part of a public relations team

   "Since the start of my first semester, I have learned new leadership
   qualities. I came to college not really knowing what I was getting
   myself into. With the help of some great teachers and mentors, I
   have exceeded my academic expectations. I enjoy coming to this
   campus to continue to grow as a person, scholar, and leader to others."



   Amani Blakney - Black Student Union President   

   Hometown: McKeesport, PA  
   High School: McKeesport Area High School
   Degree: Business Management & Marketing 
   Post Graduation goal: Work alongside a fortune 500 company in their
   marketing department.

   "In terms of leadership opportunities, my #BeGreater moment
   is having the privilege to be the BSU [Black Student Union]
   president, and also having a voice during the student government
   meetings to make sure that the voices behind me are heard as well. "



   Koran Fleming - Work-Study Student

   Hometown: Wilkinsburg, PA 
   High School: Westinghouse High School
   Degree: Business Management
   Post Graduation goal: Attend trade school (Electrician) and open his own

   "My leadership moments are when I am playing basketball. I show respect
   to my teammates and will make sacrifices for others if it’s for the best.
   They know I will let other people shine."





   Andrea Burroughs - Student-Athlete (Basketball) 

   Hometown: New Rochelle, NY 
   High School: New Rochelle High School 
   Degree: Biobehavioral Health
   Post Graduation goal: Play Basketball Overseas and Attend
   Podiatry Medical College.

   "My best leadership moment was being a Peer Mentor for the
   PSU Seminar Class and being able to really bond with the
   freshmen by guiding them the best way I could."