Message from the Chief of Police

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Penn State Greater Allegheny and wish you success in your individual endeavors. 

As Chief of Police for Police Services and Safety at Penn State Greater Allegheny, my main concern is to ensure that the campus provides a safe and secure environment for all the members of the university community.  We are fortunate at Penn State Greater Allegheny to be by a city with all the conveniences that come with it, and at the same time minutes from rural communities.  Penn State Greater Allegheny experiences relatively few of the crime related problems that are all too common in much of the country today.  But no campus, including this one, can completely isolate itself from the problem of crime.  What we can do is to keep this problem minimized at Penn State Greater Allegheny through prevention efforts based on teamwork, awareness, and the involvement of all of us who make up the campus community. 

I want to enlist your help in keeping Penn State Greater Allegheny the safe and secure campus it has always been.  The responsibility for crime prevention is one that we all share.  Please, if you witness suspicious or criminal activity on or near campus, report it immediately to Police Services and Safety. 

Remember, you can never be completely isolated from the threat of crime.  But, by following the suggestions outlined in this and other pamphlets here on campus, you can substantially reduce the possibility that you will become a victim. 

Together, you and Police Services and Safety can make Penn State Greater Allegheny a safer place to be.