LaVaughn Wesley

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Mr. LaVaughn Wesley is the Lead Success Coach and Director of G.A.M.E. at Penn State Greater Allegheny Campus. As Lead Success Coach, Mr. Wesley designs and facilitates lessons/ Units in Financial literacy, Growth Mindset, Professionalism, and Mental health. Mr. Wesley has designed these units to provide participants with perspective, strategies, and actionables that promote growth and development in each area. LaVaughn has dedicated his professional life to educating and advocating for youth and young adults. LaVaughn has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters in Education from Chatham University. He has been a middle-level History and & Social Studies educator for the past five years. LaVaughn would move on to become the “Residency & Induction Specialist” for Propel Charter Schools. In this position LaVaughn facilitated professional developments for Propel employed educators assisting in developing superior classroom culture and management skills. LaVaughn also served on the board of “Culture & Equity” team actively fighting against Implicit Bias and other inequities facing the community. Now a member of our Nittany Lion community, LaVaughn continues to display his passion and professionalism while working with Allegheny County and the C.I.S.P. to guide adjudicated youth to the path of success. LaVaughn and G.A.M.E. have seen many successes ranging from participants gaining acceptance into post-secondary institutions, establishing and maintain sobriety, High School Diploma Completion, SAT/ ACT prep, mental health exercises, and mentorship. LaVaughn and his staff look to continue to build on their early success and show how strong the Nittany Lion community is.


“Believe in life! Always human beings will live and progress to greater, broader, and fuller life.”

 W.E.B. Dubois

Bachelor of Arts - Communication | Chatham University

Masters in Education | Chatham University