Campus Directory

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Robert Foschia
Part-Time Lecturer in Communications
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
Christine French
Women's Basketball Head Coach, Athletics
Wunderley Gym
Sarah Fresch
Math Academic Coach, ACE
Kelly Library, Lower Level 412-675-9198
Jennifer M. Fularz
Manager, Bookstore
Student Community Center, Lower Level 412-675-9022
Taylor Fulton
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, Student & Enrollment Services
Wunderley Gym 412-675-9163
Zack Furness, PhD
Associate Professor of Communications, Communications
Communications Program Coordinator
Main Building 106B 412-675-9153
Lois Gallagher
Snack Bar Attendant, Housing & Food Services
Student Community Center 412-675-9100
Marlis Garrison
Women's Basketball Varsity Coach, Athletics
Wunderley Gym
Donald Garwood
Part-Time Lecturer in Biology
Frable Building 101A 412-675-9140
Victoria Garwood Frable Building , 123E 412-675-9043
Deborah Gaydos, MA
Lecturer in Mathematics
Frable Building 204B 412-675-9156
Tracy Gibbs
Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics
FCC Coordinator, Student Affairs
Head Volleyball Coach, Athletics
Street Team Member, Penn State and McKeesport Community Center
Fitness and Cultural Center 412-675-9472
Melissa Glasser
Part-Time Lecturer in Psychology
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
Connie Goehring
Staff Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Frable Building 102 412-675-9052
Anthony Gomez
Admissions Counselor, Enrollment Management & Admissions
Frable Building , 123G 412-675-9013
Michelle Gordon, DSc
Associate Professor of Business Administration, Business
Project & Supply Chain Management Program Coordinator, Project and Supply Chain Management
Frable Building 210B 412-675-9496
Jayme Gralewski
Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Management & Admissions
Frable Building, 123 412-675-9010
Galen A. Grimes, M. S.
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Information Sciences and Technology
Information Sciences and Technology Department Coordinator
Frable Building 213E 412-675-9479
Diane Grimm Frable Building, 108 412-675-9130
Lindsay Guglielmo
Staff Assistant
Ostermayer Building 412-675-9065