Campus Directory

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Clifford Manlove, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Main Building 202 412-675-9177
Andrew Marshall, M.L.I.S.
Reference & Instruction Librarian
100 Kelly Library 412-675-9119
Elizabeth Mazur, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Psychology Program Coordinator
Main Building 104A 412-675-9186
Valerie McCarthy
Ostermayer Building 101 412-675-9065
Anne McGlaughlin
Staff Assistant, Student Affairs
Student Community Center 211A 412-675-9163
Megan McLaughlin
Tutor, Learning Center
Kelly Library, John H. Gruskin Learning Center 412-675-9088
Katherine McLean, PhD
Assistant Professor of Administration of Justice, Administration of Justice
Administration of Justice Program Coordinator
Main Building 104B 412-675-9158
Curtis McQueary
Part-Time Lecturer in Communications/Speech
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
George Medina
Maintenance Worker, Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance Building 412-675-9120
Tim Michaels
Part-Time Lecturer in Speech
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
Timothy Michaels
Part-Time Lecturer of Communications
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
Camille Mickle
Tutor, Learning Center
Kelly Library, John H. Gruskin Learning Center 412-675-9088
Mildred R. Mickle, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Co-Head of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
Head of African and African American Studies
Coordinator of Theatre, the Creative Writing Certficate, and the Africana Cerificate Programs
Main Building 211 412-675-9135
Lena Miller
Part-Time Lecturer in Chemistry
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
Amelia Mitchell
Lecturer in Biology
Ostermayer Lab 209 412-675-9176
Anthony B. Mitchell, Sr., EdD
Associate Teaching Professor of African and African American Studies
Co-founder - African American Male Mentoring Program (AAMMP)
Main Building 102 412-675-9044
Verónica Montecinos, PhD
Professor of Sociology
Coordinator Teaching International Program
Main Building 208 412 675 9462
Henry Moore
Part-Time Lecturer in Business Administration
Frable Building 203 412-675-9140
Korie Morton-Rozier
Athletic Director, Student Programs & Services
Wunderley Gymnasium 412-675-9460
Julianna Murin
Administrative Support Assistant, Chancellor's Office
Frable Building 117 412-675-9080