Faculty Travel & Professional Development

Travel Request Form

Faculty Travel & Professional Development

Faculty members recognize and accept their responsibility for meeting classes during officially scheduled times. In cases where a faculty member has to miss one or more classes because of travel, the faculty member must inform the Chancellor/Chief Academic officer prior to finalizing travel plans. 

1.) Pre-Travel Approval Process:

Please submit the Pre-Travel Request form* (below) at least one month prior to your travel. You will need to secure approval before making travel arrangements.

 International travel involves some additional steps, including registration with the Travel Safety Network (https://tsn.psu.edu/)

Additional support for faculty travel may be requested on an as-needed basis if special circumstances arise. Requests may be made to the Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer by email. Funds that are not used in a given academic year may not carry forward.

Further Penn State resources pertaining to faculty travel:

The relevant Penn State policies governing the use of Penn State funds can be found at the General University Reference Utility (GURU): https://policy.psu.edu/policies/fn01

TRAVEL POLICY (TR-01, TR-02):  https://guru.psu.edu/Policies/TravelPolicySINGLEDOC.html

TRAVEL TOOLS, PSU:  https://travel.psu.edu/

FN-10 Business Expenses & Activities:  https://guru.psu.edu/policies/FN10.html

PSU Purchasing Card Website:  https://guru.psu.edu/p-card/

PSU Purchasing Card Allowable Charges:  https://guru.psu.edu/policies/psu/BS14.html

FN-14 Use of Tangible Assets:  https://guru.psu.edu/policies/FN14.html

RA01 –Determining The Allowability, Allocability, and Reasonableness of Costs on Sponsored Projects: https://guru.psu.edu/policies/RA01.html

FN01- Processing Cash Revenues:  https://guru.psu.edu/policies/FN01.html

2. Post Travel Authorization Form Directions (ERS Travel Worksheet links):

For reimbursement after travel, complete one of the ERS worksheets, the “Checklist for ERS Travel – CONUS” or “OCONUS,” and attach all required receipts. Send to:

Checklist for ERS Travel - CONUS (Domestic Travel)

Checklist for ERS Travel - OCONUS (International Travel)

 Pre-Travel Request Form
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