Signature Programs & Initiatives

Penn State Greater Allegheny’s signature programs distinguish the campus by providing unique and transformative educational opportunities for students. 

Two students sitting outside of Penn State Greater Allegheny's Main Building on iPads as part of our Digital Fluency Project

Digital Fluency Project

Technology is front and center at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Students use digital tools to communicate and solve problems, and they understand the impact new technologies can bring – from lowering costs of textbooks, to engaging in new ways of learning, to connecting from a distance with faculty and tutors, and more!

Students at Penn State Greater Allegheny volunteering in the Free Store 15132

Social Work (BSW)

Did you know Penn State Greater Allegheny is the only campus at which students can earn a Bachelor of Social Work degree? Professional social workers play a critical role in creating and sustaining resilient communities worldwide. Nationwide, social workers' overall employment is projected to grow by 12% between 2020 and 2030. Connect with us to learn more about this unique degree offering.

Woman placing items in food pantry around Penn State Greater Allegheny's campus

Food Security Initiative

An ethic of care permeates our campus and is visible in the work being done to address student food and housing insecurity. Food pantries, the Free Store, and the Share Meals app are some of the initiatives in place to ensure student well-being.

Goat smiling on Penn State Greater Allegheny's campus as part of Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability Efforts

Our commitment to sustainability is a natural outgrowth of the value we place on equity. Through our efforts, we work to ensure our communities have what they need for today, and for tomorrow.