Undergraduate Research and Fellowship Mentoring

Penn State Greater Allegheny has a long tradition of engaging undergraduate students in research. Students can participate through their regular classes, through independent study, and as participants in the campus Honors Program.

Each fall and spring semester the Student Research and Creativity Conference showcases student accomplishments. Several students have also presented at the University-wide undergraduate exhibition in the spring. 

In several disciplines, students have collaborated with faculty on professional presentations and publications. Interested students should contact faculty in their areas of interest.

Students at Penn State Greater Allegheny are eligible to apply for fellowships, scholarships, and grants. Students are encouraged to seek these funded research opportunities while studying at Penn State. There is also funding available for overseas travel/language-learning experiences. 

For resources on how to get started on a research proposal, or how to get a grant for an engagement opportunity, check out the resources on Penn State's Student Engagement Network.