Internships: The Roadmap for Student Success

Internships and other forms of experiential education are crucial parts of the college experience. Whether they are referred to as fellowships, co-ops, clinical experiences, field education, or practicums, these opportunities play a significant role in preparing students for success their future careers.

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Student Internship Resources

Finding the right internship is akin to a research project, similar to those undertaken in various courses. Our structured internship process exists to facilitate student success and ease the stress associated in securing the right internship opportunity.

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Faculty, Instructor, Advisor Internship Resources

As faculty, instructors, or advisors of student internships, your responsibility is to engage students with questions and feedback, helping them connect the internship experience with their academic studies.

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Employer and Work Site Internship Resources

Embracing internships opens doors to nurturing new talent and enriching the learning experiences of future professionals. The commitment of both the faculty, instructor, or advisor and the organizations ensures mutual success of the internship program.