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Ebonie Slade

Major: Biobehavioral Health, Senior 

Plans after graduation: Masters program in Public Health 

Experience with the Honors program/project that you completed during honors: 

I participated in the Honors Program for two semesters. My favorite Honor’s assignment was created in my Photo 100 course. The project was titled, “ A Tiny Glimpse of Charles “Teenie” Harris Through the Eyes of Ebonie Slade”. It was a project created as a webpage for the 2020 Virtual Research and Creativity conference using Adobe Spark. I started by doing research on the influential African American photographer Charles “Teenie” Harris. I then attempted to take pictures to imitate Harris’s one shot technique. I was drawn to Harris’s work and wanted to highlight his style of capturing “emotionally filled”  photography. All this work was displayed on the virtual poster portion of the creative piece. I also wanted to make the connection between the past work of Harris to a current photographer by the name of Ashley Woodson. Both these photographers have mastered the one shot technique and had documented African American life on the Hill district in Pittsburgh, PA. A more thorough introduction to my piece is included in the work through a Spark Video, which was recorded and editing by me as well.  

 A link to my project can be found here: