Fall 2012 Student Research Conference winners announced

Students presented their work at the Fall 2012 conference on November 29. Areas of concentration included the Teaching International region and theme of the Celtic Nations and water, as well as sustainabiity and honors projects in any area. The winners are listed below.

Celtic Nations

Cullen, Kelly; Fishel, Justin; Whipple, Lindsey; Buckley, Stefan 4LC Cleats IB303 Cerasaro winner
Guglielmo, Lindsay; Mathew, Jaime; Martinelli, Kristin Hardy Candy, LLC IB303 Cerasaro 2nd place


Zhe Ji How Far Can You Survive; Safety of Bottled Water ENGL 15H winner
Robyn Cornick, Maurissa Jones Gender & Water: A Woman's Hard Work EGEE 101 Lipsky 2nd place


Yu Wang Stability of Carbon dioxide in Microwave 2 CHEM 294H Nagel winner
Shiqing Chen Ocean Rubbish ENGL 15H Jaap 2nd place


Terri Iwinski - 67 Square Inches COMM 270 Hepner video winner