Fall Theatre Production - Celtic Folk Tales

In keeping with the Teaching International theme for this year, the Theatre 282 class has prepared a set of Celtic Folk Tales for presentation this weekend . They will be on stage at the FCC Theatre on Thursday, the 6th, at 12:30pm (Common Hour), then Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm. Three tales will be presented: one from Ireland, one from Scotland, and one from Wales. Each tale involves a wee bit of Celtic magic.

The one from Ireland, "The Green Glass Bottle," is about Paddy O'Tool, a poor farmer who trades his family's last cow for a green bottle, offered to him by one of "the Good People" (fairy folk). The little green man promises that Paddy will be very happy with the trade.

The story from Scotland, "Straight John," is a progressive quest story in which the hero is guided by a magical fox as he searches through many challenges to comply with a geis-- a spell of obligation placed on him by his step-mother, the Queen.

The story from Wales, "Six and Four Make Ten," features a song and dance created by a magical spell cast by a young sorcerer, a student at Oxford who happens to be a descendant of the great Merlin.

We hope you will join us--and encourage others to attend with you--to enjoy a bit of Celtic lore enacted by our students.