Examining global sanitation issues on World Toilet Day

On Thursday November 15, at 12:15 p.m. in the Student Community Center, the Teaching International program is sponsoring a series of presentatons around the global challenges to provide sanitation.

Keynote Speaker: Ian Lipsky, "Toilet Innovations for the Developing World"

Mr. Lipsky earned degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (Latin American Studies) and The Cooper Union (Civil/Mechanical Engineering).

He did his graduate work at Cornell University (Biological and Environmental Engineering).

Dr. Mildred Mickle: Poetry Reading

·         "To the Pay Toilet" by Marge Piercy

·         "Toilets" by T.S. Eliot

·         "The Great Palaces of Versailles" by Rita Dove


Student Drama Club: A dramatic reading of the book, Everybody Poops

 Tim Tolbert, Erick Tall, Raven Moore, Brittany Boucher, Collin Warren

 Lauren Pruitt, Kate Monezis, Brandi Telli, Mike Mattis, Courtney Handlovitch


Dr. Megan Nagel:  "Reinventing the Toilet: How Technology Can Improve Sanitation around the World"


Dr. Eric Lipsky:  "Where to Go When Not In Rome? Learning about Toilet Diversity"


Dr. Kurt Torell:  World Sanitation Crisis -- Posters


Dr. Doretta Whalen, Director Penn State Greater A Cappella Melody Lions medley "The Water Is Wide" and "O Shenandoah" (arr. Dr Doretta Whalen)

               Brittany Boucher, Weng Choong Chan, Courtney Handlovitch, Danisha Holcomb, Keith Jenkins,
               Michael Mattis, Christina Moriarty, Marc Shively - acoustic guitar, 
Timothy Tolbert - vocal soloist, Yi Wen


Laurie Ventura, R.N., Campus Nurse/Health Coordinator: ?Hygiene + Sanitation = Life?


Prof. Michael Vicaro: ?Shit Speaks: Political Struggles over the Meaning of the Body?


Dr. Verónica Montecinos: ?Sanitation and Gender?


Video: "Imagine No Toilet." Uploaded by Michael Malz on Nov 21, 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yf7T1fq1Gc