New textbook support fund established

The high and increasing costs of textbooks and materials at the college level has spurred Penn State Greater Allegheny to take direct action. Using about $20,000 of proceeds from the 2010 All That?s Jazz fundraiser and charitable donations, a new Textbook Support Fund has been established to assist students with the cost of these items.

To be eligible for funding, students must have high financial need and have completed all of the necessary steps to become officially registered as Greater Allegheny students. Intake into the program is managed primarily by the campus' Center for Academic Excellence and Career (ACE) Program. ACE is a federally funded program that provides academic and nonacademic services to students that have a family income within federal guidelines; are a first-generation college student; and/or have a documented learning or physical disability. Textbook and supply support for students that are not eligible under ACE guidelines is provided through the campus' Learning Center.

If the students meets all of the conditions for eligibility, one of these two Greater Allegheny programs will arrange for the student to receive instructional materials and supplies. There is no limit to the amount of support a student can receive, and there is no limit to the number of times a student can get assistance through the program if they remain eligible. Books obtained from the program are loaned to the students and returned to the campus for use by other students who have similar needs.

The Textbook Support Fund will become active for the fall semester in 2011. More information on the program can be obtained by contacting the ACE program at 412-675-9491 or the Learning Center at 412-675-9454.