Fitness center reopens

The former Housing and Food Services Building at Penn State Greater Allegheny received a new name and function:  the Fitness and Cultural Center.  The fitness center side was completed in 2005 but has been closed since January 2009 as the building received its next phase of renovation on the cultural center side to the tune of $1.75 million.  The fitness center was enhanced with an exercise room for various activities such as yoga, Zumba, and Pilates classes, and male and female locker and shower rooms were added each with a sauna.  Group fitness classes and official hours of operation will be organized by the fall 2010 semester.

The cultural center phase of renovation is near complete.  The 640 square-foot open space will be able to accommodate theatre productions, coffeehouse activities, movie nights, dances, and other student activities.  Next Architecture of Pittsburgh designed the cultural center.  A grand opening is being planned.