Students Present Work at Fall Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean

Students from a variety of disciplines presented their work relating to the campus international regional focus for this year, Latin America and the Caribbean, on November 19, 2008. Many of the students also emphasized the theme of food security. Student work was displayed in a variety of formats.

Judges rated the submissions on the content, the use of the medium to present the information, and on the students' explanations of their work. Entries were judged by current and retired faculty and staff: Linda Curinga, Dr. Richard Frushell, Victoria Garwood, Lee Vercoe, and Sam Zabec.

 Winners (in alphabetical order by title)    
 Title  Authors  Class
Dominican Times
Robin Bennett, Douglas Hodak, Kristin Biondo International Management
Food Security and Civil Unrest in Haiti Food Security and Civil Unrest in Haiti Social Problems
Latin American Beans: Right to Your Cup Cara Kemerer, Lee Marts, Lexie Chan, Rochon Washington, Stewart Brown Introduction to Business
Teaching International Promotion Video
Eric Schleicher, Elissa Lapinski, Danielle Bleil, Brendan Smith, Tamara Brumfield, Amanda Boszan, Shyla Kachmarek
Public Relations and Advertising
The 2008 Presidential Election and Attitudes Toward Food Security in the Americas and the Caribbean Yidi Li, Stephanie Citriniti Introduction to Social Psychology & Basic Research Methods in Psychology
Using Web 2.0 for the Teaching International Program Emily Blake, Cassie Clelland, Charles Howell, Lee Marts, Husani Thompson, Richard Whitney  Public Relations and Advertising
 Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order by title)  
 Title  Authors  Class
21st Street Coffee and Tea Nikeyla Satchell, Dayton Woodard, Anthony Yang, Eric Waites Introduction to Business
Bolivia in Dire Straits Zakiyyah Conerly Honors Social Problems
Business in Jamaica: What Multinational Corporations Should Know Ted Rice, Heather Kemp  International Management
Food Insecurity in Haiti Jennifer Troutman Honors Social Problems
La Prima Expresso Renee Beckles, Jill Gattegno, Khalid Hatcher, Arianna Lee, Melanie Mak Introduction to Business 
Profitability or Social Responsibility Dayna Abbott, Jason Barrow, Sasha Brown, Tenay Russell, Sunny Wang Introduction to Business
Venezuela Kimberley Jones, Meghan Ulmer Genetics, Ecology, & Evolution