Talk on South Asian religions opens Fall 2007 series on South Asia

Dr. Fred W. Clothey, a professor in the history of religions with specialization in South Asia at the University of Pittsburgh, will be speaking on ?The Importance of Understanding South Asia and its Religious Landscape."

The presentation will be on Tuesday September 18 from 12-1:30 p.m. in the Ostermayer Room of the Student Community Center.

Dr. Clothey focuses on myth, symbol, and ritual in his research, the role of religion in politics, identity-formation and resurgent nationalisms, and the character of religion in contemporary South Asia and among expatriated South Asians. He has edited Experiencing Siva (1984) and Images of Man (1983: Essays on Religion and Historical Process in South Asia). His current research is culminating in two books: Religion in India: A Historical Introduction (forthcoming) a textbook for undergraduates; and Ritualizing on the Boundaries (forthcoming), a study of the role of ritual amongst overseas Tamils. He has also produced six documentary films that highlight the festival experience in South Asia including Yakam: A Fire Ritual in South Asia, Skanda-Sasti: Pankuni Uttiram: A Festival of Marriage, and Skanda-Sasti: A Festival of Conquest.