Chancellor Porter Introduces Penn State Greater Allegheny

Please allow me to make this historic announcement: As of 1:45 p.m. on January 19, 2007, the Penn State campus formerly known as Penn State McKeesport became PENN STATE GREATER ALLEGHENY.

It is historic that this change marks 50 years in our current location and harkens to another 50-year future and beyond.  We thank the President, the senior leadership and the Board of Trustees of the Pennsylvania State University for their roles in this historic event.  We also thank the hundreds of people, including the leadership of our faculty, alumni, students, staff and our community-based Advisory Board.

PENN STATE GREATER ALLEGHENY commits itself to a future of success and growth for its students and communities. We are a global campus. The PENN STATE GREATER ALLEGHENY campus services 31 school districts in the region, as well as students from across the Commonwealth, our nation and the world.  We are the only Penn State campus in Allegheny County. We serve portions of Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Washington County. We pledge ourselves to be the greater academic choice for the region and the communities we serve.

The new sign was introduced at 4 pm at the main campus entrance on O'Neil Boulevard. (See the video of the event [wmv format].) Among other events, PENN STATE GREATER ALLEGHENY will hold a formal convocation in the Fall of 2007 to further commemorate the name change.