Professor to Present Research at University Park Outreach Forum

Mary Preuss, professor of Spanish and comparative literature, has been invited to take part in Research Unplugged, an outreach program sponsored by the Vice President of Research.

Research Unplugged is an informal forum open to the entire University community. The forum is meant to foster open dialogue and to energize faculty and staff into discussing varying ideas and viewpoints. The spring session of the program begins February 22 and continues through April 12. Held at the Penn State Downtown Theatre on Allen Street in University Park, the Research Unplugged series presents a variety of relevant topics.

Dr. Preuss has been invited to address the group on Wednesday, March 29, at their 12:00 noon session. The topic of Dr. Preuss's presentation will be, "Once upon a myth: Exploring Yucatec-Mayan stories.? Dr. Preuss's research has focused on the Yucatec-Mayan culture. Her recent book, Yucatec Maya Stories: From Chen-Játo the Milpa, released in the Summer of 2005, is a compilation of stories that she collected during her numerous visits to towns in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico. During her many visits to the region, Dr. Preuss has recorded stories from the Mayas and analyzed them, interpreting representative elements of Mayan culture as they are passed down through the centuries. It is Dr. Preuss's hope that by documenting these stories they will not be lost to future generations.

For more information on the Research Unplugged series you may visit the website at: