Summer 2006 Class Schedule Available

Penn State McKeesport's summer schedule is now posted.
Students from any Penn State campus can schedule at summer course at Penn State McKeesport.

The course schedule has been designed to offer the most sought after courses by our students during the summer break. Highlights of the summer schedule include:

  • Several accelerated sessions allowing students to earn credits in an expedited manner.
  • IST, psychology, and kinesiology courses offered via the web, allowing students to work at home for added convenience.
  • Biology, BMB, and chemistry offerings that include general education courses as well as those that satisfy requirements for a variety of majors.
  • IST support of option courses: ACCTG 211, PSY 002, and PSY 217 (web based).
  • Courses available to foster multicultural understanding and satisfy the University and B.A. diversity requirements.
  • Selection of general education courses to appeal to a variety of student interests.
  • An assortment of courses to fulfill requirements for Business, IST, and Psychology majors.
  • MATH offerings with small class sizes for more individualized attention.

For more information, contact:

Academic Affairs Office
104 Frable Building