Fall 2015 Student Research & Creativity Conference

Penn State Greater Allegheny students highlighted their research projects at the campus Student Research Conference on Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Projects representing business, engineering, English, humanities, math, psychology, science and social sciences were displayed (see complete listing). Some of the projects displayed related to Teaching International?s 2015-2016 Global Pittsburgh focus and theme of literacies, whereas others highlighted sustainability. Honors students? presented their honors option projects.

Best submissions were determined by votes from the campus community. The winning entries are listed below.


1st Place ? ?Mood Food? (PSYCH 100H)
Veronica Goetz

2nd Place ? ?Embalming and Alternative Methods? (CHEM 210H)
Jessica Boros

1st Place ? ?Using Molecular Workbench for Atomic Level Potential Energy Simulations? (CHEM 210H)
Cassandra Alberts

2nd Place ? ?Canine Mast Cell Disease? (CHEM 210H)
Jessica Grassa


1st Place ? ?Fracking: A Dangerous Game? (EGEE 101)
Cory Botti, Brittany Lesko

2nd Place Tie ? ?Steps to Hydraulic Fracking? (EGEE 101)
Haley Kutscher

2nd Place Tie ? ?To Frack, Or Not?? (EGEE 101)
Michael Pstir


1st Place ? ?NoCold: The Next Big Sneeze? (IB 303)
Shelby Bendick, Kyle Hair, Sean Hildebrand

2nd Place ? ?The Effects of Aluminum in Society? (CHEM 210H)
Nicole George


1st Place ? ?The White Snake? (COMM 270)
Emily Taylor

2nd Place ? ?Storyboard: ?Pandora?s Chest? (ENGL 212)
Mason Pfeifer-Toth

Global Pittsburgh

1st Place Tie ? ?Pittsburgh Energy from 1980- Present Day? (EGEE 102)
Kelly Hinerman, Hannah Moran-Funwela

1st Place Tie ?? ?Pittsburgh Energy: Present - 2100? (EGEE 102)
Savanna Naylor, Eva Rosillo