Adult Learners

Adult Learners

Greater Allegheny serves adults through a variety of programs. We have flexible options for working adults, and provide access to services through multiple online systems. Students have access to many library and computer services from anywhere 24/7.

Interested in training or continuing education related to your current career?

Consider our professional development programs in healthcare and accountancy & law.

Interested in exploring or enhancing your skills?  

Consider credit certificates.

Interested in earning a degree?

We offer several baccalaureate degrees that can be completed at Greater Allegheny.

Interested in getting credit for prior experience or education?

Earn credit in Penn State programs for prior experience and education, including transfer credits and credit by the college-level examination program (CLEP).

Some of these credits may be eligible to be applied to one or more of the degree programs offered at the campus or throughout the Penn State system.