Strategic Planning and Communications

The Office of Strategic Planning and Communications helps to tell the story of Penn State Greater Allegheny to prospective and current students, alumni, parents, and those interested in learning about our campus community. The office produces news, information, and materials about events, people, and activities at our campus with a key focus on promoting student success and faculty and staff expertise.

Strategic Planning and Communications Tools

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Here you'll find a range of forms to help you request various services from Strategic Planning and Communications. Our request forms are designed to streamline your communcations process with us, ensuring that your requests are handled quickly and efficiently. Simply choose the appropriate form, fill in the necessary details, and submit it to us! 

University Brand Review (UBR)

What is a University Brand Review (UBR) and Do I Need One?

The new University Brand Review (UBR) process leverages toolkits and best practices designed to empower University communicators to serve as brand stewards, who are charged with upholding brand, editorial, and accessibility standards within their units.

These updated guidelines replace the previous University Editor (U.Ed.) process and address branding and editorial standards in all current formats (e.g., print, web, digital, social, etc.). They also provide more clarity about the review process. Click the button below to learn more!

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We are a team of marketing and communications specialists, designers, photographers, content creators and social media strategists. We work with academic and administrative units to consult about, produce, and deploy a full range of communications.