Communication Center, Holds & To Do List

The Quick Reference Boxes on the right contain items such as communication, holds, to do lists, milestones, enrollment dates, and advisor information. (See example of the Communication Center below.)

Communication Center

The Communication Center box will display student communication from various offices.  If communications are displayed, click the Go to Communication Center link at the bottom, for more information.


The Holds box lists holds (financial, academic, etc.) that have been placed on your record to restrict services. If holds are displayed, click the details link in the lower right corner, for more information. The details of the hold contain the start and end terms/dates of the hold. If you need additional information regarding the hold, clicking on the Hold Item name will provide you with the appropriate contact information.

To Do List

The To Do List contains items that you need to complete. Be sure to check this area frequently, as items placed here could impact your ability to complete other tasks. 

Note: The To Do List box will also be used to notify you of the receipt of FAFSA information.

Prior to each semester’s enrollment, a Pre-Registration Activity Guide will appear in your To Do List.  It contains a Financial Responsibility Agreement as well as Emergency Contact information, both of which are required to be completed each semester.  Completing this activity guide will release the Financial Responsibility hold and allow you to enroll during your enrollment window. 


The Milestones box is used to indicate non-course requirements such as certifications.

Enrollment Dates

The Enrollment Dates box contains the first day you can enroll in classes for the coming term.


Your assigned advisor(s) will be listed in the Advisor box, clicking on their name will provide additional information.