Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Helen Alliston [email protected] Kelly Library 412-675-9088
Danielle Adrian [email protected] Frable Building, 108 412-675-9130
Eric Akyea [email protected]
Part-time Teaching Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry
Frable, 201K 412-675-9140
Jose Aldrighetti [email protected]
Part-Time Lecturer in Spanish, Languages
Frable , 201K 412-675-9140
Jason Alexander [email protected]
Part-Time Teaching Professor of Kinesiology
Frable Building , 201K 412-675-9140
Tiana Ambrose [email protected]
Part-time Lecturer in IST, Information Sciences and Technology
Frable, 201K 412-675-9140
Susan Armbrust [email protected]
Student Community Center 412-675-9100
Kathy Astrab-Stepansky [email protected]
Student Community Center 412-675-9100
Teresa Bacon [email protected]
Student Community Center 412-675-9100
Young Han Bae, PhD [email protected]
Associate Professor of Marketing, Business
Frable Building, 210A 412-675-9055
George Barron [email protected]
Director of Campus Development , Office of Institutional Advancement
Main Building , 105 (412) 675-9180
Lori Bell [email protected]
Project Coordinator
Ostermayer Building 101 412-675-9065
Eleanor Bicanich [email protected]
Project Director
Ostermayer Building 101 412-675-9065
Patricia Bicanich [email protected]
Program Assistant
Ostermayer Building 101 412-675-9065
Kyle Bird [email protected]
Part-time Lecturer, Biobehavioral Health
Frable, 201K 412-675-9140
Larry Bishop [email protected] Frable Building, 108 412-675-9130
Alina Bodea Crisan, PhD [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Biobehavioral Health
Main, 102B 412-675-9146
Gregory Bondar [email protected]
Part-Time Lecturer in Anthropology/Geog, Anthropology
Frable , 201K 412-675-9140
Jennifer Breese, D.Sc. [email protected] Frable Building, 201Q 412-736-9660
Siobhan Brooks [email protected]
Disability Services Coordinator, Academic Affairs
J. Clarence Kelly Library, Lower Level 412 675 9454