Fall 2010 Student Research Conference winners announced

The winning entries from the Fall 2010 Student Research Conference have been announced. Commendations were given in the categories of honors and Teaching International.

Authors Title Class Adviser Award
Sheng Wei and Xuerong Xiao Some Applications of Vectors MATH 230H Chen 1st place honors
Sheng Wei and Xuerong Xiao Summing Alternating Harmonic-like Series MATH 297H Chen 2nd place honors
Kovalsky, Kelly The Inner Whispers of Polish Women: Educational Dreams are a Path to Empowerment SOC 110 Montecinos 1st place Teaching International
Kiss, Matt Red and White in the Red and White: The Influence of Coca-Cola and Marlboro in Poland MKTG 450W Kobylanski 1st place Teaching International
Meghan Boehm; Caroline Burke; Amber Corpa; NeChell Franklin; Sarah Manley; Karry Smith; Diamond Snow; and Michael Tarasan Global and Geographic Knowledge PSYCH 301W Signorella 2nd place Teaching International
Caroline Burke and Carolyn Edwards Eastern European Folk Tales as Children's Theatre LA 497A Breckenridge 2nd place Teaching International