Ashley Brandon displays her physics honors project

Honors program

Honors program

For high achieving students who want to make the most of their college careers, the Honors Program at our campus offers a variety of benefits:

  • Early class registration
  • Small class sizes, interaction with faculty researchers and participation in advanced research projects
  • Valuable experience in preparing and making oral and written presentations (see examples)
  • Access to academic, cultural, and socially enriching activities through honors-sponsored events and those sponsored in collaboration with the Teaching International Program

Students may earn honors credits by enrolling in honors courses, participating in honors options, or engaging in honors independent studies. This flexibility allows students to craft their own unique honors plan.

Student experiences

"One of my major concerns about joining the honors program at PSU Greater Allegheny was the extra workload I would have to take on. Once I decided to join the program and was in it for a semester, I realized that it was something that any good student could handle. Also, the benefits that I received from the program such as early registration, library privileges, and being able to put my participation in the honors program on my resume were benefits that far surpassed the extra work." -Karry Smith (’12, Psychology)

"The Penn State Greater Allegheny honors program opened many new doors, allowing me to develop a closer relationship with some of the best professors I have ever encountered and to delve deeper into topics I never would have explored otherwise. As I move closer to graduation, I find that many employers are eager to hear about my experiences with the program and are intrigued by the unique projects I completed. The skill sets and knowledge I have acquired as an honors scholar will follow me throughout the rest of my life." -Marie Popovich (’12, Business)

“The honors program is a great way for students to explore topics beyond what their regular coursework offers them. It requires a lot of perseverance and hard work to remain being a part of it. The projects and the extra research not only provide motivation to continue gathering information but also provide means to meet other people interested in the same field as you are. Also, the honors program is a great resume builder and expands the professional horizon." -Chinar Singh (’14, Biology)