Honors Program

The Penn State Greater Allegheny Honors Program is designed for high achieving students who want to make the most of their college careers. Students who enter this program have access to a variety of benefits: 

  • Early class registration
  • Small class sizes
  • Research opportunities
  • Experience in oral and written presentations
  • Honors sponsored events 

Students may earn Honors credits by enrolling in Honors courses, participating in Honors options, or engaging in Honors independent studies. This flexibility allows students to craft their own unique Honors plan.

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Admission into the Honors Program

Admission to the honors program is by invitation only and is based on academic accomplishments and potential. Life experiences beyond the classroom experience that enrich and edify will also be taken into consideration. 

Eligible incoming first-year students will receive a letter of invitation from the Honors committee during the process of admission to the University. For students already enrolled at Greater Allegheny, the invitation is made by the honors committee at the beginning of each semester. 

Under special circumstances, with the approval of the Associate Chief Academic Officer, students may be admitted to the program at other times by the honors committee. 

Please note there are separate qualifications for admission to the university program, the Schreyer Honors College. 

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Honors Credit and Grade Requirements

Students in the campus Honors Program must meet requirements in two general areas. Students who are also in the Schreyer Honors College have additional requirements.

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Student Research and Creativity Conference

Penn State Greater Allegheny holds two Student Research and Creativity Conferences in which all Honors students are required to present their research projects and creative accomplishments.

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Honors Program Alumni

Members of the Honors Program who are in good standing and graduate in a degree program from Penn State Greater Allegheny are considered to be Honors Graduates and are celebrated with an alumni profile on the honors website and honors cords during the graduation ceremony.