Faculty book publishing reception planned

On Tuesday April 20th during common period (12 to 1:30), Kelly Library is hosting a reception to honor full-time faculty who have recently published books.

The authors are Gregory Gillette, senior instructor in mathematics; Mildred Mickle, associate professor of English; Verónica Montecinos, professor of sociology; and John Peles, associate professor of biology. 

Book listing:

Gillette, G. (2007). Isaac Newton's philosophy of sacred space and sacred time: An essay on the history of an idea. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press.

Gillette, G. (2009). The philosophical mathematics of Isaac Barrow (1630-1677): Conserving the ancient Greek geometry of the Euclidean schoolLewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press.

Mickle, M. R. (Ed.). (2010). Critical insights: I know why the caged bird sings: by Maya Angelou. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press.

Mickle, M. R. (Ed.). (2010). Gwendolyn BrooksPasadena, CA: Salem Press.

Montecinos, V., & Markoff, J. (Eds.) (2009). Economists in the Americas. Nothampton, MA: Edward Elgar.