Commission for Women spring luncheon planned

This year?s spring luncheon, sponsored by the Commission for Women, is all about following one?s passion to a rewarding life.  The event will be Tuesday, March 23 from 11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. in the Robert and Elizabeth Ostermayer Room.  The guest speakers will be members from the women?s professional football team, the Pittsburgh Passion.  The team believes that ?the qualities for building a successful sports team are very much the same ingredients necessary for building any successful community, corporation, family, or friendship.  It is our mission and hope to inspire others to build such great foundations and become a great member of any team they are blessed to find in life.?  More information about the Pittsburgh Passion can be found at

Also at the luncheon, the Susan C. Lewis award will be presented to a woman who has contributed to social and economic development within the community, promoted diversity or women?s issues within the community and/or workplace, and promoted constant professional development.  Nominations for the award are being accepted through March 5.  An online nomination form is at the following link

Cost per person is $7 and can be directly paid to the Commission for Women?s budget by each department.  For more information, contact Cheryl Sorrentino at 412-675-9078 or [email protected].