Psychology student works at orphanage in Costa Rica for internship

Penn State Greater Allegheny applied psychology student, Cristina Acevez, from Santa Ana, Calif. began a three-month internship in Costa Rica Jan. 20.  This is the first internship for the applied psychology program that is not located in the United States.  Acevez is assigned to Hogar Siembra, an orphanage with girls aged 12-18 years.  While there, she will work under the supervision of the psychologist there.  She is to study why girls are placed, to learn how the agency?s programs meet their needs, to examine cross-cultural differences, and to develop effective listening and counseling skills.  In mid-February, Acevez will intern at Casa Luz, a program for adolescent mothers and their children.  While interning in Costa Rica, Acevez will be staying with a host family.