Faculty member and student publish research on adolescent blogs

Dr. Elizabeth Mazur, associate professor of psychology, and Lauri Kozarian, former Penn State Greater Allegheny student, had their research on adolescent blogs published in the Journal of Adolescent Research (2010, vol. 25, pp. 12-144).

in the article, "Self-Presentation and Interaction in Blogs of Adolescents and Young Emerging Adults," Mazur and Kozarian analyzed blogs by young women and men ages 15 to 19. Their study is one of the first to use blogs to examine public identities of adolescents. The authors conclude that the blogs represent a way for adolescents to manage and experiment with their self-presentation, rather than a means for social interaction.

Kozarian, who graduated with a B.A. in applied psychology in 2006, was an undergraduate student when she began working with Dr. Mazur on this project.