Teaching East Asia Student Research Conference

Students presented the results of their East Asia research projects to the Greater Allegheny campus community on Thursday, November 19. The projects were from a variety of disciplines, including art, business, communications, social sciences, and science, and were to relate to this year's emphasis on East Asia and the environment. Comments from those who attended indicated that the projects had helped to raise awareness of the region and theme.
Winners were named in three catagories: art, posters, and Powerpoint presentations.

Winner: Eric Keefe for "The World is Only So Big...Choose Planned Parenting"
Honorable Mention: Jemar Bather for "Air Pollution"

Winner: Larry Nelson, Judy Bruney, Tyler Warrick, Gloria Schrott for "A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Gender Roles in Film"
Honorable Mention: Casey Owen, Megan Ward, Patrick Woehler for "Marketing Coke in Japan"

Winner: Adrian Ceresa for "Prostitution in China"
Honroable Mention: Minji Kim for "Why Do East Asians Leave Their Own Country?"

To be considered in the competition, a project had to be submitted prior to the conference. Such submissions were judged by faculty and staff members Tahirah Abdullah, Sara Ahrens, Siobhan Brooks, Linda Curinga, Victoria Garwood, Anthony Holtz, TIm Johnson, and Sam Zabec.