Campus Receives Act 101 Funding

Penn State Greater Allegheny was recently awarded a three year grant by the PA Department of Education to fund the creation of a new ACT 101 Program. The first year of the grant is funded at $115,000 with subsequent awarding of funds to be determined by program outcomes.

The ACT 101 proposal was authored by English faculty member, Dinah Marcinik, with assistance from Dr. Jeanna Cooper, formerly of the campus?s Career Services Office and IST Department.  Dr. Kurt Torell, Director of Academic Affairs, is responsible for program implementation.  

The Higher Education Equal Opportunity Education Program (ACT 101) was created in 1971 by the Pennsylvania state legislature to provide funding for supportive services at higher education institutions for Pennsylvania residents who face cultural, economic and educational disadvantages that may prevent them from successfully completing a college degree. 

The Penn State Greater Allegheny ACT 101 Program is expected to serve approximately 100 eligible students at the Greater Allegheny campus and will provide the following services:

? Assistance with identifying and applying for scholarships
? Payment of students' initial academic honor society dues
? Assistance with understanding the financial aid process
? Career counseling
? Academic counseling
? Workshops
? Classes
? Tutoring
? A Summer Bridge Program to prepare new students for the fall semester.
? Awards ceremonies to recognize student achievements in the areas of academics, campus leadership and community service.

ACT 101 students who begin their degrees at Penn State Greater Allegheny can continue receiving ACT 101 services while continuing their studies at University Park or another Penn State campus with an ACT 101 program.

Funding for ACT 101 grants is competitive.   Application for the grant is open to all eligible colleges and universities in the state of Pennsylvania.