Senator Obama's Visit

Senator Barack Obama ended his long campaign tour in Pennsylvania with a stop at Penn State Greater Allegheny on the eve of the primary election. Speaking to a crowd of nearly 2,500 people, Obama held the attention of supporters in the Wunderley Gymnasium as he spoke about the future and change. (slide show)

Michelle Obama introduced her husband and apologized to the crowd for their delay and jokingly blamed the lateness on her husband. Obama spoke for 22 minutes and held an additional 22 minute question and answer forum to the cheering crowd.

Dr. Michelle Hough, assistant professor of business administration from Penn State Greater Allegheny asked the senator about his policy on public mass transportation. Obama responded by saying that one of his changes was to develop an infrastructure to support transportation.

At the end of his speech, Obama and his wife signed autographs for a crowd that stayed long after he finished his speech.

Senator Obama?s visit was part of Penn State's effort to expose students to the 2008 presidential campaign, part of the University's open-door policy to host campaign stops during this primary season.